Why most prayers go unanswered?

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One of the most disheartening things one could experience is an unanswered prayer, as well intentioned as it may be.

Which often leads people to ask…

“Why do my prayers go unanswered?”

But that’s the wrong question to ask.

Because prayer is not just the words we say… it’s what you feel at your core.

Think about it…

Which request should God listen to?

The one uttered from our lips?

Or the one that reflects what we want to say deep from our core?

I bet you already know the answer.

So the better question is…

“Do I really want what I’m about to pray for?”

Once you figure out what your heart really desires, it’ll become easier to pick and choose the right prayer based on what you feel.

And when that happens, you can always choose from this list:

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